Hull Photography Studio is a small but cosy studio currently based in East Hull.  It is a collaboration business with two local photographers, Carl Cooper Photography and James Brown Photography.

With an overall liking of all styles of photography covered between them, their professional ethos is to supply a photography service for the general public and businesses alike, giving each individual customer a service that is not what they think you will like, but a service which you as a customer actually wants.

The studio itself isn’t the biggest place in the world, but it’s fully equipped for portraits, still life (including product placement), special effects, model and actors portfolios etc., but this doesn’t mean that is all capable of.  We are quite capable arranging sessions on location at venues throughout the region, mostly free but occasionally at places that might incur a small charge to use for those special photo opportunities.

An extra service we offer is allowing other photographers a chance to rent the studio themselves, to allow them to fulfil their own photography services.  This covers a service where we can invite local photographers in and give them tuition in improving their own skills.

Carl Cooper Photography

Carl Cooper Profile Photograph
Carl Cooper Profile Photograph

Carl is a photographer based in Kingston upon Hull. Carl worked as a photographers apprentice when he was younger and had a

Mamiya camera and his own darkroom, however due to the costs he stuck to black and white. Eventually, like everyone costs dictated that he sold everything and moved to digital photography, so he got a small compact camera and took millions of photos of nothing, eventually replacing it with the trusty mobile phone camera.

More recently with the prices of digital SLR cameras being reduced in price, Carl took the initiative again and moved back into “Proper” photography. He has always had an eye for what looks nice in real life, so the transitions between landscape and portrait photography was easy. I have also played with “Arty” photography, with some stunning results.

James Brown Photography

James Brown Profile Photograph
James Brown Profile Photograph

James Brown got into photography when he was young because his father worked as a truck driver and he drove all over England and in Europe.  James occasionally got the chance to go with him to some of these places so he went and bought himself a cheap camera to take loads of photographs on, as a memento of the places where he has been, and it kind of grew from there. It grew from that point when James got into taking pictures of people and animals, and took the next step and got a web site done called James Brown Photography, to share my love of photography with people.